Željka Mićanović Miljković

I was born in Tuzla, and after moving to Belgrade, I’ve continued my studies in Italy. Inspiration for majority of my work is drawn from the influence of cultural landscapes I was living in.

After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts of Macerata in Graphic art and getting a master degree in Show styling at European Institute for design in Rome, my focus was to gather the traces of the cities through very intimate process of deconstruction.

By using formal and abstract language codes: symbols, free associations and introspection, my mental representations are sublimed into graphic images. Every piece of work is a memorabilia of places I was living in, put into various visual narratives and forms.

Constant state of moving became an expansive source for my work in photography, painting, printing, artist’s books, applied and video art. My year-long traveling for work and education took place in atelier and art selling space named “Prozor” (Window) in Belgrade. By working with various techniques and materials, I continued rediscovering personal memories by materializing them into objects: jewelry, garments and home décor, which initiated a brand name “Žem”.

My artistic language is very “hand-on” and tactile. Manual side of understanding fabrics, techniques and methods shaped my interest towards studies in calligraphy and illustration. Working on experimental and artist’s books gathers traditional work on the printing press and the gentle, feminine storytelling.

The concept of deconstruction may be my art statement. My recent years were spent in balancing life between busy and hectic Istanbul and more grounded Ankara. Now I’ve found routine in orderly Zurich, while simultaneously finishing my doctoral thesis in Novi Sad. Therefore, a search for universal language that will break the cultural barriers and connect the internal and external worlds will surely continue to rise as my greatest personal motivation and artistic motif.