Every applied object is made as it should be used: aerie and light. I treat the making process as an empty paper or canvas, so the final product emanates with the ease of inter-medial play.

Small collections of porcelain home décor objects with motifs of my graphics are crafted with love. They don’t have a label on it, but always come with a note, also written with love. I never produce repetitive series in order to spread the freedom of hand-built pieces, which always have a different imprint.

They’re made so they can be comfortably held for you to make the connection with the object and enjoy the clarity of porcelain. Based on your needs, you can order a crafted collection that is on stock, or choose a one certain piece from it. Whether decorative or functional, you can choose a custom made piece or series. Putting an accent on a strong curve, texture or geometric design, we can assemble them together in the ceramic form. Feel inspired and surround yourself with elements that make (your) world.